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Zodiac Stone

Explore the stones that fit each star sign! Each package features a clear quartz stone + your zodiac stone. It also comes with a guide of the sign's constellation and describes its attributes. 

  • Aries: clear quartz and mini hematite.
  • Taurus: lear quartz and mini rose quartz.
  • Gemini: clear quartz and citrine.
  • Cancer: clear quartz and lepidolite.
  • Leo: clear quartz and carnelian.
  • Virgo: clear quartz and jasper.
  • Libra: clear quartz and bloodstone.
  • Scorpio: clear quartz and ruby in zoisite.
  • Sagittarius: clear quarts and sodalite.
  • Capricorn: clear quartz and tiger eye.
  • Aquarius: clear quartz and mini amethyst.
  • Pisces:  clear quartz and mini lapis lazuli.