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Sphere Cake Stand

Enjoy the simple things in life! This elegant cake stand with a dome is a must-have for a stylish dessert presentation at your home. Its unique large size and high dome make it suitable for large cakes, pies, cupcake displays, and much more. Using the cake stand with its dome helps to preserve freshness and creates an element of surprise upon serving. The cake plate on its own maintains stylish due to its simplicity and the combination of materials used.

  • Materials: Powder-coated aluminum with naturally sourced wood base & knob
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight: 2.95lb
  • Style: Simplicity, elegance, modern
  • Colors: White, black, and yellow with wood
  • Designer: Ricardo Rodrigues
  • Overall dimensions (including dome): Height 10.05”, Diameter 12.4”
    • Platter only: Height, Diameter 12.4”
    • Dome only:  Height, Diameter 12.4”