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Moon Speaker

The Moon luminous speaker will be ideal for adding a beautiful decorative touch while diffusing music and soft light. If you like to get away from it all and take a few moments to yourself, this moon will be perfect for accompanying you on your journey. As stylish as it is techno, this new product will appeal to many. This lamp is a perfect reproduction of the Moon, with every detail faithfully reproduced. Take a musical trip to the Moon with this speaker!

  • The lamp is wireless and the battery supplied has a life of 8 to 14 hours, depending on the light intensity selected. 
  • It's easy to recharge using the USB cable supplied. You can hold it in your hand - it doesn't heat up, so there's no danger!
  • The pack includes a Moon speaker, instructions for use, a remote control and a Micro-USB cable.
  • Characteristics : Colour-changing - Deep bass - Powerful sound - Remote control - Hands-free kit 
  • 6.1″ x 6.1″ x 6.7″