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Lip Couch Float

Pucker up, the FUNBOY inflatable Red Lip Couch is here. Inspired by the Surrealist movement - this lounge-able, full-size Lip Couch features a luscious clear red material and brings back the inflatable furniture vibes from the ’90s. Perfect for backyard lounging, in or out of the water. Complete with a cup holder to keep a drink firmly in place during endless summer lounging. Kissing has never been more comfortable.

  1. Use in water or on land (away from sharp objects)
  2. Fits 2 adults - 85 inches long!
  3. Includes Cupholder
  4. Clear red material
  5. Rope hook + tether rope to attach to a stationary object
  6. Size: 108" X 74.5"X H11"
  7. 1-2 person capacity
  8. Age 14+
  9. Phthalate-free PVC