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Easy Tie Dye Party

Our kit provides everything that you need for your custom tie dye projects! Simply add water to the powdered dye in the easy-to-squeeze bottles and start creating. Now you can sport your own custom designs by turning any natural fabric item From Blank to Swank! Tie dye it all from t-shirts to towels and socks to scrunchies. Get ready, you fashionistas!

  • Non-toxic color dyes
  • no-mess squeeze bottles
  • 12 dyes in plastic 120 ml (4.06 oz) bottles
  • 1 bag of soda ash
  • 9 pairs of plastic gloves
  • 60 rubber bands (ties)
  • Instructions
  • Tie dye technique guide
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 5 x 1.38 inches