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Dilemmarama: Junior Edition Game

Would you rather… wear the same underwear for a year OR walk on all fours for the rest of your life?

Following the success of previous Dilemmarama games, there’s a Junior edition for children and their families to enjoy. There is only one rule: you HAVE to choose!

This hilarious card game features 60 absurd dilemma cards that will make you laugh and make for the silliest conversations. And because life is full of dilemmas, there are two play options. For option one, you have to present the most challenging dilemmas to the other players to become the ‘dilemma champion.’ Option two allows you to play in teams, and you have to guess what your teammates would choose. Guaranteed you’ll get to know your friends and family better this way!

  • Box 3.75" x 5.25" x 2"