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Crystal Ritual Oil

Find your ritual and do what makes you well and happy. A perfume oil created with a special nourishing virgin coconut oil that hydrates and nourishes your skin versus dry it out like traditional alcohol-based perfumes.

Apply to pulse points and kissable areas like your décolletage, neck, behind the ear, inner thighs, and belly. Maybe a beard if you’re a fella. Can be used before yoga, meditation, or a sexy make-out. Even the feeling of the crystals slowly drifting down in the bottle as you apply it is captivating. 

  • 10mL
  • Size: 3.25” H x .79” D
  • Handcrafted
  • Natural Virgin Coconut Oil + Perfume Oils


MOON MILK FRAGRANCE: Alluring, beachy and bohemian. A seductive blend of warm coconut milk, sun-kissed tanning oil, sacred palo santo, sandalwood, cardamom, and amber resin.

SEA ELIXIR FRAGRANCE: Enticing and verdant. Where the sea meets the land. Earthy notes of sun-ripened fig and green moss are entwined with a heart of sultry santal, oud, sea salt, and driftwood.