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Truck Paperweight & Tool Set

Old-Timer Pickup Tool Truck Desk Décor with Pullback Engine Troika's "Walton Truck" Paperweight and Tool Set is ideal for lovers of tools and old time pick up trucks.

The Walton Truck is equipped with a truck bed that moves up and down and stores six drill bits and a screw bit driver to use them. In addition to being a nifty paperweight with a magnetized hood for organizing paperclips, the Walton Truck also has a pullback friction motor, allowing you to transport the vehicle where it is needed.

Product Features Pickup truck paperweight and toolset Truck bed moves up and down with a bit driver and 6 drill bits Magnetized hood for organizing paperclips (includes 5 paperclips)

  • Chrome plated with a shiny finish; chromium-vanadium drill bits
  • Pullback friction motor 
  • 3.86 x 1.89 x 1.93 inches