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Boxing Ball Set

Freestanding boxing ball set for kids includes a pair of red & black punching mitts, an inflatable punching bag, around a standing base pedestal, and an air pump with needle, detailed assembly instruction included as well.

  • The height of the punching ball stand is adjustable from 27 in. to 41 inches to accommodate child’s heights;
  • Overall dimension: W13.78 in. x H41.33 in.
  • Strong, durable spring allows punching ball to bounce back into place after every hit, much safer than a swinging bag 
  • Tough PU leather punch bag & punching mitts for the child;
  • Perfect kids boxing training equipment
  • Ages 3+

Easy to assemble; fill the base with either water or sand for maximum stability, inflate the tough punching bag (please do not inflate too much air pressure to the punch bag, or it might burst), adjust the height to fit your tall and strap on the boxing gloves; you are ready-to-go.